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    Fruit Salad – Simple and Healthy

    Enjoy a healthy salad with nutrition Ingredients: Avocado Semi Ready Lettuce Red Paprika Yellow Paprika Green Paprika English Cucumbers Onion (as per choice) Olives Olive Oil Garlic Mayonnaise Oregano Salt Cherry Tomatoes for decoration Method: In a small bowl whisk together salt, olive oil, garlic mayonnaise, and oregano. Add fruits and veggies to a large bowl and pour over the dressing, stirring gently to combine. At the end garnish the salad with half cut cherry tomatoes and chill before to serve.

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    Fried Fish with Potato and Zucchini Twist

    Give your tongue a taste of crispy fish with fried potatoes and zucchini. This is a simple and easy way to get nutrition. Fried Fish with Potato and Zucchini Twist ready in less time. Ingredients: Potato – 1 piece Zucchini – 1 piece Chat masala – ½ tsp Black pepper – ½ tsp Oregano – ½ tsp Fish – 1 fish Oil – for fry Tomato – 1 piece Lemon – 2-3 slices Method: Take one big Potato and one Zucchini, cut in cubes and fry till they get crispy. After that sprinkle some chat masala, black pepper, and oregano. Take a fish of your choice and Shallow fries it.…