Real Taste of Punjabi Food at Rangla Punjab

A few times ago I went to Rangla Punjab, Jalandhar with my friend and family. It’s not only food it’s an Experience everyone should have not only once but should be again and again because of its authenticity and cultural value.

A warm welcome with Dhol as well as Chach (Butter Milk), a welcome drink served before meal served. In thali, they serve 5-6 dishes ( basic and seasonal) and dessert (sweet/kheer/halwa) with different roties as per your choice (tava roti/naan/tandoori/makki di roti).

rangla punjab thali

The atmosphere touched my heart, it seems I was in a Village surrounded by markets. Camel ride, Punjabi desi cock and hens. In short, we can say that it is a Punjabi culture museum with an authentic themed restaurant with lil modern touch.

I have no words to explain the main dining hall, the service was top notch. We had some snacks and the dance performance was mind-blowing, bhangra as well as Gidda. I have so much to say but have to wrap up with Khoye wali Kulfi.mouth freshner-rangla punjab

For sure I will come again with my whole family. It is the best family restaurant where you can spend your evening without getting bored. This place is best for entertainment and food.

The best time to visit is evening, all the programs are performed in the evening/night from 7 p.m onwards. Rangla Punjab Jalandhar is one of my favourite places now.