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    Easy Cheesy Mushrooms

    Ingredients: Mushrooms- 10 – 15 Pizza cheese Oregano/ mix herbs Pinch of salt Red chilli powder Black pepper powder Butter/ oil   Method: Take a bowel and put melted butter or oil ( refined/olive), now add 1 spoon of Oregano/ mix herbs, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp Red pepper powder and two pinch of Black pepper powder. Mix the mixture well and then put cutter mushrooms in it and mix softly. Pre-heat the oven or microwave and place mushrooms in a baking tray and bake for 5 minutes. Now time to add cheese on the mushrooms. Grate cheese on mushrooms and again bake for 2 minutes and serve hot.…

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    Patroda (Himachali Dish)

    Himachal Pradesh is known for its traditional dishes which are being cooked in Himachal; here is the process – how one can make the Patrode at their home with Public Spoon. Ingredients: Taro leaves(Arbi ke patte or kachalu) – 250gm (10-12 patte) Corn flour (makki ka atta) – 250 gm Coriander powder Turmeric powder (haldi) Fresh Turmeric leaves (optional- used for enhancing the smell and taste) Salt Mustard Oil Green chillies past as per your taste Garam Masala  Recipe:   Knead the dough of Corn flour with adding turmeric powder, Dhania powder, 7-8 teaspoons of mustard oil, Garam Masala and paste of green chillies. Wash the taro leaves (Arbi Patte)…

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    Fruit Salad – Simple and Healthy

    Enjoy a healthy salad with nutrition Ingredients: Avocado Semi Ready Lettuce Red Paprika Yellow Paprika Green Paprika English Cucumbers Onion (as per choice) Olives Olive Oil Garlic Mayonnaise Oregano Salt Cherry Tomatoes for decoration Method: In a small bowl whisk together salt, olive oil, garlic mayonnaise, and oregano. Add fruits and veggies to a large bowl and pour over the dressing, stirring gently to combine. At the end garnish the salad with half cut cherry tomatoes and chill before to serve.

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    Tango Broccoli With Mint Sauce

    Ingredients: Broccoli – 1 cup Tandoori masala – 1 ½ tsp Mustard Oil – 2 tsp Chat Masala – 2 tsp Salt – as per taste Lemon Juice – 1 tsp Curd – ½ cup Green Chilies – chopped 1 tsp Oil – for fry Mint Sauce/Mint Chatni Mint – 1 cup Ginger – a small piece Salt – as per taste Chilies – 2 Lemon juice – 1 tsp. Method: Broccoli Dipped in Boiling water for 2 minutes then Rinse the water and put it in a big strainer to dry it. Put some Tandoori Masala, Mustard Oil, Chat Masala, Salt, Lemon Juice, Curd and Green Chilies. Mix all…

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    Sprouts Salad

    Healthy and tasty Sprouts Salad Snack for the health conscious persons. Even anyone can have this salad, it’s full of nutrients, fibers, and vitamins. Ingredients: Sprouts – 2 cup Garlic – 1 tsp chopped Olive oil – 2 spoon Soya sauce – ½ tsp Plain vinegar – 1 tsp Ajinomoto – ½ tsp Red/yellow bell pepper (optional) Chilies – 2-3 Onion – 1 piece Capsicum – 1 piece Topping: Spring onion Ginger juliennes Coriander leaves Beetroot   Method: Put olive oil in a pan and chopped garlic in it, sauté well then add chilies, bell pepper, onion, and capsicum and stir all the ingredients.  Now add ajinomoto, soya sauce, and vinegar;…